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Do Dogs Have a Sixth Sense?

Dogface-closeup Dogs are often thought by their owners to have ESP, or a sixth sense. At the very least, some dogs do seem to be sensitive to changes in the weather and can even "predict" a thunderstorm by exhibiting unusual behavior. Dogs and other animals have been known to react right before an earthquake occurs. Even more remarkable, perhaps, are the dogs that can predict when their human owners are about to have a seizure.

Well it turns out that a considerable number of people believe pets have a sixth sense. A new poll indicates that 47 percent of U.S. dog owners believe their dogs have a sixth sense. In addition, 72 percent of dog owners think their pets can predict an approaching storm.

Arthur Benjamin, president of American Dog Rescue, is absolutely convinced that his poodle Buddy can predict seizures, according to Benjamin says before his wife Gail had a seizure, "Buddy would make these jerking movements -- like he was having a fit -- and we realized he could sense the seizures coming on."

Animal experts believe that animals can be sensitive to things humans cannot feel, see, or hear. They cite the fact that storms cause a static, electric charge in the air that pets may be able to sense.

For more about the study, click here. What do you think? Does your dog have a sixth sense? Share your comments below!


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