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POOCH PATHS: Pisgah National Forest, Brevard, NC

Brevard062308 dogs If splashing in shallow water, hiking shaded mountain trails, and watching the rush of natural waterfalls excites you and your pooch, then the Brevard side of the Pisgah National Forest is the Pooch Path for you. Right at the entrance to the Pisgah National Forest on US 276, up a ways on the left, you'll find the shallow, gently running, cool water of the Davidson River, where doggies love to play (see photo).

All along US 276 are additional opportunities for fun, including the Visitor Center/Ranger Station, where you'll find a nature trail and exercise trail. Stop in to get trail maps. Then there's the Davidson River Campground, with hookups, trails, and fishing streams, the Sycamore Flats picnic area along the river, and the Coontree picnic area. At Coontree, cross a shallow stream and you'll find a secluded area with cliffs where you're likely to find jumpers splashing into the pool of water below.

Continue further up US 276 and you'll reach Looking Glass Falls, right off the highway. You can take a stairway down to the falls and even swim at its base, but be careful -- the rocks are slippery. It's also a short ride to Sliding Rock, a natural formation that acts as a water slide. You and your fur-pal can have fun watching both kids and adults taking the plunge, and you can wade in the water near the bottom of the slide.

You could spend many happy hours splashing and hiking just along this route, without even venturing further in the Pisgah National Forest. And on your way out, be sure to make a stop at Dolly's Ice Cream (on the left as you're leaving the Pisgah National Forest). Get yourself one of their incredible flavors, and treat the pooch to a vanilla soft-serve!

For more information and photos, visit the POOCH PATHS page.


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