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What's Your Dog Really Made Of?

BioPet DNA Many dogs in the Carolina mountains are mixed breed (affectionately known as mutts). Typically, this is a good thing -- a mixed ancestry in dogs is believed to result in a phenomenon known as "hybrid vigor." Essentially, this means mutts are found to be generally healthier than pure-bred dogs.

So, what if you're curious about what your mixed breed dog is really made of? Wouldn't you like to know what breeds are in the background of your pup?  You can venture a guess or ask your vet to theorize, but you'll never be sure. This is what accounts for the current popularity of dog DNA testing. By simply collecting cells from your dog's cheek with a swab and sending them to a lab for analysis, you'll get an accurate report of your dog's ancestry.

If you're interested in dog DNA testing, take a look at this sample report produced by BioPet. Then check out the BioPet DNA Breed Identification Test, available from PetSmart via this link.


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