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World's Tallest Dog!

The world's tallest dog is a Great Dane named "Giant George" from Tucson, Arizona. Guinness World Records recently made it official -- in fact, they sent someone to measure the big guy.  Giant George stands 3 feet 7 inches tall and weighs in at 250 pounds. He measures over 7 feet when he stands on his rear paws. Giant George eats 110 pounds of dog food each week and sleeps in his own queen size bed.

And you thought we had some big dogs in the Carolina mountains!


Everything for Dogs in Asheville and Hendersonville

Doggieguidecover Know where the dog parks are in Asheville? Is there anyone who can scoop the poop in your yard? Do any vets offer alternative medicine? Where are the best places to hike with your dog in the Asheville/Hendersonville area? Where is there a campground that actually caters to dogs? 

You'll get the answers to these questions in the new 2010 Edition of the Asheville Doggie Guide -- everything for dogs in the Asheville, Hendersonville, and Black Mountain, NC area!

This handy pocket-size guide includes adoption organizations, animal services, dog bakeries and boutiques, boarding facilities, dog-friendly campgrounds, doggie daycare, dog parks, grooming services, dog photographers, poop pick-up services, dog therapy, hiking trails, dog training, sitters, vets, and more, plus adoption information, safety tips, and pet rules and regulations for Buncombe and Henderson Counties. It has hundreds of listings -- names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and websites -- saving hours and hours of research time! You will refer to it often. There is no other resource available like the Asheville Doggie Guide.

Pick up your copy today at Three Dog Bakery, 21 Battery Park in Asheville (a block away from the Grove Arcade). Or order the guide online via this special offer:

The publisher's list price for the Asheville Doggie Guide is $19.95, but you can get your copy of the guide for $13.95, a savings of $6! You'll get a $6 rebate when you purchase the Asheville Doggie Guide directly from the publisher! Learn about this special offer here.

Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation, Waynesville, NC

Sarge's Like many counties in Western North Carolina, Haywood County is continuously dealing with dog and cat over-population. Sarge's mission is to take adoptable pets from the county shelter and give them the loving care they need until their forever family adopts them.

Sarge's saves animals lives in Haywood County by placing them in local foster homes while they try to find permanent homes for them. The organization would eventually like to open an Adoption Center with quarantine space, comfortable pens, outdoor runs, a cattery, and areas for training and grooming. Sarge's Foster Program enables the organization to save many dogs and cats right now.

Sarge's currently holds adoption days on Wednesdays and Satrudays from 12:30 - 5:00 PM at their facility at 1659 South Main Street in Waynesville, NC. Sarge's encourages adopters to visit, and also needs volunteer assistance and donations. To learn more about Sarge's and to see animals available for adoption, visit:

ReTail Scene: Blaze-N-Skyy Boutique, Asheville, NC

Blazenskyy When you're in and around Asheville, check out Blaze-N-Skyy Boutique and Wellness Center, located at 30 Battery Park Avenue (about a block away from the Grove Arcade). This unique store has quality dog apparel, accessories, earth-friendly shampoos, organic and specialty pet foods and treats, and more. Owner Adelaine Lockwood is a dog lover through and through. She is a friend and foster parent for Asheville Humane Society and does a lot to support the local animal welfare community. Call (828) 253-2850 for information and hours.

If you can't make it in, visit Blaze-N-Skyy's online store:

Your Own "PetCast" If the weather's been driving you crazy, take heart. Spring is coming soon (not soon enough!). In the mean time, you can rely on an online service that will not only provide you with the local weather, but also with a page of useful information that's customized to your pet.

Go to, enter some brief information, and get your own "PetCast" with the local weather, as well as a dog "comfort index," a report of mosquito activity in your area, tips from the "dog care clinic," a park locator, a dog walking calculator, a list of local pet events, videos, and more.

Driving Dogs

You've got to see the new Subaru commercials that just started appearing on TV: They feature dogs driving a Subaru Forester! You can watch the ads on National Geographic Channel's "Dog Whisperer Marathon" on February 15, and during the Westiminster Dog Show (Feb. 15 and 16 on the USA cable network.) One of the best of the bunch is included below.

Subaru reports that half of Subaru drivers own a pet, so why not appeal directly to the dog-owning audience? Subaru also has a relationship with the ASPCA, one of several charities the carmaker supported during its "Share the Love" sales event.

Subaru isn't the only auto company that recognizes the power of the pack. Honda offers the Element with a special "dog-friendly package" that includes a rear car kennel, pet bed, stowable ramp, and more. There's even a website that rates dog-friendly cars:


POOCH PATHS: Azalea Dog Park, Asheville, NC

112109 030 Azalea Dog Park in Asheville is a great place for your dogs to work off their energy. It features two fenced-in areas, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs, separated by a gate, although small and big dogs can use either area, as long as they are well-behaved.

The big dog portion is quite a large area, with plenty of room for running and playing. It has a gazebo in the center -- useful to get out of the sun, since the trees that have been planted are not yet full-grown. On the downside, there is a ravine in this area that quickly fills up with water when it snows or rains, so be prepared for a muddy experience if you go soon after wet weather.

Poop bags are generally available, but you will need to bring your own water. The dog park adjoins a pond and a small grassy area with a few picnic tables, and there are a few hiking trails close by as well.

Insider tip: One of the good things about the location of the park is its proximity to the Swannanoa River. For a nice cool-down after romping at this dog park, exit the park and look for a gated pull-in near a dumpster, immediately on your left. Down a short path is a shallow river bed and gentle rapids where doggies love to splash.

Location: Use Exit 8 off of Route 240 and follow signs for the WNC Nature Center. The park is at 395 Azalea Road, a few miles past the WNC Nature Center. Continue on Azalea Road past all the soccer fields and the dog park will be on the left.

Celebrating Senior Dogs

Seniordogs We own two wonderful dogs who are considered seniors, and we're not alone. In the U.S., about 40 percent of households with dogs have at least one that is considered a senior, aged seven or older. Senior dogs make great pets -- they tend to be laid back, know and accept the routine, and always provide unconditional love.

If you have a senior dog, you'll be interested in a new website called You'll find articles and resources for senior dog owners all in one place, covering medications, health insurance, nutrition, financial assistance and more. The site provides a full spectrum of pertinent information, as well as message boards where owners can find support and guidance from others who are experiencing the same challenges and joys of caring for an older dog.

To receive a free e-book entitled "A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Companion," simply send an email to: and put in the subject line: FREE E-BOOK.

Puppy Bowl VI on Sunday!

Puppybowl Tired of all the Super Bowl hype? Then tune into Puppy Bowl VI instead. This annual "contest" pits rescue puppies against each other in a goofy Super Bowl-style "canine battle." For the first time this year,  the action on the "field" will be captured in panoramic view with aerial coverage provided by the Twizzler’s® blimp and its rogue hamster crew. In another fun first, the sidelines will also be hopping with the addition of spirited bunny rabbit cheerleaders. And wait 'til you see the Kitty Half-time Show.

It's all in good fun and it airs on Animal Planet at 3 PM on Super Bowl Sunday. For more information, visit 

Valentine's Pet Events are Heartfelt

Dogvalentine There are a number of Valentine's-related pet events occurring in the Carolina mountains in the next few weeks, along with events to honor National Spay/Neuter Day, which is Feb. 23. Several of them are listed below. We encourage you to participate and support your local animal welfare and rescue organizations. If you know of other events, please comment so we can share the information.

Asheville Humane Society "My Furry Valentine" Adoption Weekend, Feb. 12-14
During this special three-day event, Asheville Humane Society will waive the fees on cats (normally $85) and kittens (normally $100). All adopters will be automatically registered in a contest to win a year's supply of pet food. Puppies and dogs are also available for adoption at regular fees. The shelter at Lee's Creek Road in Asheville will be open on Sunday, Feb. 14 to celebrate Valentine's Day. Visit for further details.

PetSmart Charities "Second Chance for Love" National Adoption Weekend, Feb. 12-14
This three-day event takes place in PetSmart stores with the support of local adoption groups. Adopt a new pet and receive a free bag of Hill's Science Diet pet food, along with coupons and samples. The Adoption Weekend is scheduled at the PetSmart located at 150 Bleachery Boulevard in Asheville, NC, telephone 828-298-5670. Contact your nearest PetSmart store to see if the event is being held in your area.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Puppy Gram, Feb. 12
For a donation of $45, Brother Wolf, an Asheville animal rescue organization, will deliver a "Puppy Gram" to your sweetheart, as long as the address is within fifteen miles of the city. The Puppy Gram will include a visit from one of the organization's volunteers who will bring along a puppy (just to say hi), personalized card, rose, balloon, and a sweet treat. Deadline for orders: February 11. Visit for further details.

Humane Alliance Cat Neuter-a-thon, Feb. 19
Tell every cat owner you know who lives in Buncombe County to get their un-neutered male cat over to Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic, located on Heritage Drive off Leicester Highway in Asheville, on Friday, February 19. That's the day Humane Alliance will neuter the first 200 male cats who arrive, and the cats will also get rabies vaccines if needed, all for just $20 each. Call the clinic at 828-252-2079 for further details.

Animal Compassion Network Dine to be Kind, Feb. 23
When you dine at any Asheville-area participating restaurant on Tuesday, February 23, a portion of the proceed's from the day's dining will go to help ACN's spay/neuter assistance and foster programs. This is a great way to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner out and help animals at the same time. Visit for further details.

Jackson County Humane Society Spay-ghetti Dinner, Feb. 23
In honor of National Spay/Neuter Day, the Balsam Mountain Inn is holding a "Spay-ghetti Dinner" on Tuesday, February 23 from 5:30 - 8 PM. All of the proceeds from the dinner, plus half the proceeds from rooms at the Balsam Mountain Inn that day, will go to benefit "A-R-F," the Jackson County Humane Society. Visit for further details.

Your Dog's Health: Tear Stains

Tearstains Tear stains -- those unsightly, rust-colored discolorations that appear in the corners of dogs' eyes -- are common in many dogs and will probably appear at least once in a dog's lifetime, whether the dog is purebred or mixed breed, furry or smooth-coated, and with a light-colored or dark-colored coat. Of course, the stains tend to show up more prominently on dogs with white faces, and they do seem to be more common in smaller dogs.
These stains are caused by excessive tearing and generally are not harmful. The excessive tearing keeps the hair under the eye wet, and that becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. In fact, the reddish-brown stain you may notice could be the result of a "Red Yeast" infection.
Chronic tear stains can be a sign of other conditions. While a visit to the vet is advisable to determine the exact cause, these are some of the possible causes:
  • Clogged or infected tear ducts
  • Eye infections (bacterial or yeast)
  • Irritants in the air, such as smoke, room deodorizers, or pollen dust
  • Low-quality commercial dog food which contains additives, preservatives, or beef pulp
  • Teething (in puppies)
  • Female dogs in heat.
Remedies for Tear Stains 
If you've determined the cause (with help from your vet if needed), you can begin a program to keep the staining under control. There are two basic kinds of solutions to the problem: topical products and internal products.
Topical products are applied daily, directly to the stained area. The best known topical product, endorsed by vets and groomers, is Eye Envy, a safe and gentle externally applied cleanser that comes in a liquid solution and powder. For more information, visit:
Internal products treat the problem via dietary intake. The best known internal product is Angels' Eyes, a safe, wheat- and dye-free formula that is sprinkled on your dog's food. For more information, visit:
This article originally appeared in Clippings, the Bandanas Mobile Grooming newsletter.