CANINE CRUISIN': DuPont State Forest, NC - Part 1
"PBR for Pups" in Asheville, June 26

CANINE CRUISIN': DuPont State Forest - Part 2

Fawn lake In Part 1 of Carolina Mountain Dog's coverage of DuPont State Forest, we discussed the forest's primary attraction: its waterfalls. But there are other natural attributes of DuPont State Forest that make great destinations for you and your doggie.

Consider, for example, that there are some 90 miles of trails and dirt roads of varying difficulty, so you can hike to your heart's content. Then there are several other water features, aside from the falls, that make for enjoyable and refreshing visits.

Fawn Lake is one such destination. This lovely lake is hidden away in an access area beyond the falls, so it attracts less attention and therefore less crowds. Fawn lake has a small grassy area and sand sloping down to the water's edge, plus a short wooden dock that swimmers use for diving. The lake is very dog-friendly; in fact, no one seems to mind dogs being off-leash. Your dog will love frolicking in the shallow, warm water near shore or chasing a ball or stick further out. Be aware, however, that there is no shade, so come prepared with sunscreen, hats, etc.

Dupontwithdogs Another interesting place to take your dog is Corn Mill Shoals, which is on the way from DuPont State Forest to Fawn Lake. Corn Mill Shoals features a slippery but inviting shallow swimming area on the Little River.

Finally, try Lake Imaging if you're looking for a quiet spot for a picnic. It's a pond-sized lake with a covered picnic pavilion, located in its own access area, just before the Hooker Falls access area.

For directions to Fawn Lake, Corn Mill Shoals, and Lake Imaging, visit the CANINE CRUISIN' page.


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