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How to Find Your Best Friend's "Home Away From Home"

Guest Post by Joshua Goldstein
DfkennelsSo you've bought your flight tickets, or mapped out the roads you will be driving. You took the days off work and cleared your calendar. The big day is approaching and the hardest part lays in front of you. Picking a kennel. You can almost hear the eerie piano music that plays in the background as the horror stories we associate with the word "Kennel" run through your head. 
Pause. Take three deep breaths. And smile. Sure, in a perfect world we would always be able to find a friend to watch our 4-legged children. But since we are all tired of canceling our plans just because we don't have a reliable place to watch our dogs, here are some helpful tips to finding your best friend's Home Away From Home.
Ask to take a tour of the kennel: You will enjoy your vacation a lot more when you can visualize the yard your dog will be playing in and the kennel they will be sleeping in. This is also your opportunity to get to know the people that will be taking care of your dogs.  
Ask the right questions: Find out exactly how much outdoor playtime your dog will have each day. What time the kennel locks them up for sleep. Is there someone present overnight. Do they require proof of vaccinations (avoid kennels that do not require you to provide proof of vaccinations). 
Ask what makes them different: You are looking for a long term relationship with your kennel. A place you can rely on. To take care of all your dogs for years to come and a place that your dogs will look forward to going.  A kennel should not just be a business. It's a lifestyle. Like devoting your life to childcare. Look for a kennel where dogs are family and not just a transaction. 
Now all that's left is a quick search for kennels in your area. Expand your results by clicking on more results at the bottom of the A, B, C options Google provided based on proximity, and look for a kennel with good user reviews. A good dog boarding facility will have garnered more than just a couple of reviews. Don't be afraid to broaden your search area. Sometimes you may need to drive 50 or 60 miles to find the perfect match, but it is not something you will have to do on a daily basis and our pups are worth it. Give your favorites a call and book your tour. You know all the questions to ask so you can pack your bags relaxed, knowing that your kennel has everything under control.

This article was written by Joshua Goldstein, owner manager of Dogwood Farm Kennels. Dogwood Farm Kennels is a free range kennel located on a 4 acre farm in the beautiful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Dogwood Farm Kennels, Green Creek, NC, 828-216-6211,
Image: Dogwood Farm Kennels


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