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ReTail Scene: New "Pet Gift Box" Delights Your Dog Each Month

ChesterPetGiftBox2Chester, the mascot of Carolina Mountain Dog, got a big surprise the other day: his very own personalized "Pet Gift Box" arrived! You can see here just how happy he was to get it.

Pet Gift Box is a neat new concept. Each month, a box jam-packed with goodies for your doggie (or kittie) comes right to your door. The box is customized to the size of your pet and consists primarily of toys, so your pet should like to chew and play with toys. Also included is at least one bag of heathy treats.

Chester's box had a wide variety of toys. He particularly liked the "knotty tug toy," a colorful rope with a knot and a ball. Great for tossing or tugging! He enjoyed chomping on the special "pup-rrr-mint" dental chews as well. This is a great way to get many products delivered to your door without going to the store.

Pet-gift-box_lgdog_sideview_EDITEDAt just $17.99 per month, Pet Gift Box is a real bargain. Chester's box had a retail value of over $57. You can cancel the monthly subscription at any time, and you can also order a one-time Pet Gift Box or subscription as a gift.

Special Offer for Carolina Mountain Dog Readers!

Pet Gift Box is offering readers of this blog a special 25% discount on your first order. Simply use the code CarolinaMountainDog (no spaces) when you check out at Also, if you "Like" the Pet Gift Box Facebook page, you will be entered for a chance to win a free gift box.

Take advantage of this special offer today for that special doggie in your life!


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