Buncombe County Residents with Pets Affected by COVID-19
Asheville Humane Off the Wall Art Sale - Sept. 11, 12

"Barkyard Party" Fundraiser for Blue Ridge Humane Society - Hendersonville, Sept. 19

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 2.16.29 PMBlue Ridge Humane Society in Hendersonville, NC is suggesting supporters sign up for a do it yourself "Barkyard Party" to be held on September 19, 2020!

Here are the details from the organization:

Your DIY event can be in the format you desire: a sit down formal event, potluck, dessert bar, brunch, themed event, pet-friendly, kid free, kid friendly, etc. Team up with a friend to co-host or use a central location such as your favorite restaurant or community clubhouse.  Then invite your friends to join you in honor of Blue Ridge Humane and raising funds that allow Blue Ridge Humane to continue our work during this strange time.

Who can host? Anyone can host! If you feel comfortable with a small group of people, invite them over to learn more about Blue Ridge Humane and to support our work. You can also sign up as a virtual host and keep your event to a party of one!

How is this a fundraiser? Since large scale events are unsafe at this time and social distancing is the new normal, we ask that hosts share the work that Blue Ridge Humane is doing in the community with their guests in a small group setting, and that guests make a donation in lieu of purchasing a traditional event ticket.

Who can I invite? Anyone you like! Invite your pet loving friends, family, or neighbors to learn about Blue Ridge Humane and support us this year.

Can I team up with someone to host? Of course! You can co-host, use an alternative location, and make your remote event exactly what you are comfortable with!

What is provided for hosts?

  • Special host basket with treats and local goodies, acknowledgment in our newsletter and other promotions, entry into our event prize drawings.
  • Talking points and facts about Blue Ridge Humane
  • Invitation wording templates for use if you choose
  • Donation collection materials
  • BRHS staff to answer your questions.

Are hosts responsible for the full cost? You can be or you can make it a potluck, have only dessert and wine or coffee, etc. All options are open, depending on your personal preferences.

For more information or to register visit https://www.blueridgehumane.org/calendar/barkyard-party/


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