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How Cashiers Highlands Humane Society Can Help You

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If you live in the Cashiers/Highlands area, the local humane society can assist you during this pandemic. Here's how:

Our no-kill shelter remains open to the public but in consideration of the guidelines issued by national, state and local authorities, for (what we hope is a brief and yet) the foreseeable future, visits to our shelter will be by appointment only. This will allow us to serve you under the safest possible conditions. For adoptions, donations, and other community outreach programs (see below), we respectfully ask that appointments be made Tuesday-Saturday between 10am-4pm. Please call us at (828)743-5752 to make an appointment.


As we have done for more than 4,000 pets in the past 6 years, CHHS will continue to provide low-cost spay/neuter for your pets for just $30. If that is a hardship, we will fix your pets for free. That's right. For free.


If you are facing financial hardship and cannot afford to buy pet food, as long as donations continue (please see below) we can provide some food for your pet free of charge. We ask that your pet be spayed/neutered, and if not, we can fix your pet for free. After all, if feeding one animal is a hardship, think of how much it will cost to feed a litter of puppies or kittens!


There are only 350 Certified Rabies Vaccinators (CRV's) in the state of North Carolina. We have 2 CRV's on staff. Only veterinarians and CRV's can give your pet a rabies vaccination and certificate required by North Carolina law. We always provide rabies vaccinations for just $10. But for now and until we get past this crisis, we will vaccinate your pet to protect against rabies for free. Yes, free.

For more information visit:


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