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Adopt an Older Dog

Alicia-gauthier-KJDhTtPCveI-unsplashYou may think puppies take first place for cuteness, but if you're planning to adopt, a puppy isn't always the best choice. They take a lot of work, need guidance and can develop some bad habits if you're not diligent about training. Often times, adopting an older dog is a better option. Here are five reasons why, courtesy of the ASPCA:

  • Older animals with a history of living within a family may settle in more quickly than a puppy.
  • Adult animals won’t have teething issues and will come into your life less likely to cause destruction. Many are already house-trained and have already mastered basic commands.
  • It may be easier to bond with older animals due to their typically calmer dispositions, their familiarity with home environments, and their experience living with other animals.
  • Adult dogs require less supervision than puppies, who sometimes can’t distinguish between safe situations and dangerous ones and may not know—or care—what “no” means.
  • Whereas the personalities of puppies change as they grow up, the personalities of adult animals are fully-formed, which makes them more predictable. That doesn’t mean adult animals can’t learn—in fact, they can be amazingly adaptive.

Consider adopting a "senior" dog from your local animal shelter or rescue organization. You won't be sorry!

Photo by Alicia Gauthier on Unsplash


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