Dog Services

How Your Dog can Take a Hike

Ryan-stone-cL5THZBD5YQ-unsplashA new hiking company in Asheville can give your dog an experience he won't soon forget. Appawlachian Hiking Company offers several services geared toward active dogs, including:

Nature Hike - Appawlachian will pick up your dog and drive to a nearby trail for 2 to 3 hours of leashed fun, socialization and exploration. All summer hikes are held near water.

Urban Hike - Appawlachian will take your dog on a 2-hour adventure in the city or your neighborhood, discovering parks, rivers, hills and more.

Trail Run - Appawlachian will give your dog a 45-minute workout on a nearby trail.

Trail Match - Appawlachian will make customized recommendations for dog hikes or vacation excursions in Western North Carolina, including tips and directions, with an emphasis on dog-friendly spots.

Transpetation - Appawlachian will take your dog to and from doggie daycare, vet appointments, etc.

Human hikers have over a decade of Appalachian hiking experience and are pet first aid certified. Check out more about this unique new company here:

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

Support the Shelter Dog Transport Alliance

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 4.54.57 PMHere's a worthwhile organization in our area that you may not know about. Every week, the Shelter Dog Transport Alliance partners with over a dozen county shelter systems that are experiencing overcrowding and are in need of valuable shelter space. When these shelters are at capacity, the Shelter Dog Transport Alliance safely transports shelter animals to Northern rescue partners where forever homes anxiously await them. Because of strict spay/neuter laws, these Northern states have tackled pet overpopulation and now can open their homes and hearts to shelter dogs in our area.

There are many ways you can help the Shelter Dog Transport Alliance, including making a donation, helping with a transport or being a short-term foster. For more information visit

What to Do with Dog Poo

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 10.36.29 AMDid you know your dog could eliminate as much as 275 pounds of poo per year? Asheville pet waste removal company Pet Poo Skiddoo will take care of that special problem for dog owners. The company offers:

  • Year round scooping services where they remove dog waste from your yard once or twice a week or every other week, deodorize problem areas, and compost what they take with them
  • Alternatively, they will compost the waste that you scoop from your yard. They’ll provide the bin and come to collect the waste on a weekly or biweekly basis
  • They also offer affordable solutions to commercial clients, maintaining your waste stations and helping to keep your property waste-free for your clientele.

Pet Poo Skiddoo is doing its part to turn dog waste into fertilizer instead of going into the landfill. To get 20 percent off your first month of service, visit the Pet Poo Skiddoo website and use the code CLEAN20.

Doggie Daycare in Asheville

Playing-puppies-790638_1920AVL Today has a good list of doggie daycare facilities in the Asheville area with costs and services, including:

  • At Play with Sparky
  • Barkmore Park
  • Camp Bow Wow
  • Dog House Doggies Daycare
  • Happy Tails Country Club
  • Mills River Dog Camp
  • Pampered Pets
  • Pet Vet on Patton
  • The Woof Lodge
  • VIP Pet Resorts
  • You Work I'll Play

For complete information, visit:

Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

Freebies and Deals for Dog Owners

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 3.02.32 PM
Over 43 million households in the U.S. include dogs as part of their family. Businesses recognize that dog owners are a large group of people who are passionate about their pets. Increasingly, hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments are instituting dog-friendly policies, welcoming dog owners and their furry friends. In fact, a number of businesses even offer incentives for dog owners.

Wikibuy has put together a handy infographic that lists numerous national restaurant chains that offer a variety of specials for dogs, such as secret menus and special treats. The infographic also has a listing of hotels offering deals and freebies, as well as a section of general pet freebies. It's a useful guide that could tell you which places welcome dogs -- and it could also save you money.

Check it out here:

"Finding Rover" Now Being Used in Asheville

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.37.29 PM"Finding Rover" is a new technology that uses facial recognition technology to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their families, allowing anyone with computer access to be a superhero.

If you FIND a stray dog or cat, all you need to do is click ‘I Found a Pet’, snap a picture on your phone, and upload to From there the magic of Finding Rover will match that photo with photos of pets that have been reported missing.

If you have LOST a dog or cat, click ‘I Lost a Pet’, upload your pet’s picture, and Finding Rover will search found reports which will include animals in our care. A partnership with Asheville Humane Society, who operate the Buncombe County Animal Shelter, automatically updates all of the pets at the shelter on Asheville Humane's Finding Rover page!

Wondering why you should use this new technology? Here are the top five reasons:
1. It’s easy! Anyone with a smartphone or computer can upload a lost or found dog or cat instantly.
2. It’s FREE! Although millions of dollars have been invested into this technology, it doesn’t cost you a penny.
3. It helps find pets homes! It’s not just about helping lost pets. Dogs and cats that are Available for Adoption are also on Finding Rover!
4. It’s not just for dogs! Dogs aren’t the only pets that get out. Finding Rover is optimized to work for feline friends as well.
5. It saves lives! At your shelter the number one goal is to keep pets safe before they even reach your doors. Using this tool, we can all become superheroes and help keep our shelter empty.

For more information or to upload a photo of your pet, visit:

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

More pet parents today than ever before are showing interest in pet insurance due to the rising cost of pet care. The first pet to be insured in the USA was a female Rough Collie dog and TV star Lassie, back in 1982. As the number of pet owners increase, there has been a huge upsurge in the number of companies offering pet insurance, particularly in North America.
Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 3.19.15 PM
An APPA (American Pet Products Association) study estimates that in 2017, veterinary care in the US cost $16.62 billion to pet owners, and they paid $14.93 billion for over-the-counter medicine for their cats and dogs. Today,an estimated 1.8 million pets are insured in the United States with annual premiums averaging between $163 per pet to $496 per pet, depending on the insurance plan.
Pet insurance can be very helpful in saving money on routine check-ups, medicine and vitamins, and surgical bills. But the problem many pet owners face is the abundance of choices, with different rules and regulations, and every company’s plan being slightly different. So do you pick a pet insurance plan that’s right for you and your four-legged companion? 
It all comes down to asking the right questions and comparing the most important aspects of each pet insurance policy. magazine has put together an infographic with a large list of pet insurance tips and sample questions you can ask your future insurance provider that will help you narrow down the best choices.
You'll find this helpful resource here: 

New POOCH PATHS eBook Features Dog Walks and Hikes

PoochPathsjpgCarolina Mountain Dog is excited to let you know that we've just published a new eBook called POOCH PATHS. This handy eBook offers descriptions, links, directions, and even insider tips for more than thirty dog walks and hikes in Asheville and beyond. You’ll find useful information about Asheville greenways, Bent Creek Forest trails, Blue Ridge Parkway trails, DuPont State Forest, Pisgah National Forest, and much more.

To ensure every dog owner can gain access to this valuable eBook, we’re making it available for a mere 99 cents!

The eBook is now available at the Amazon Kindle store here:

It is also available in all other eBook formats, including PDF, here:

POOCH PATHS will soon be available through other major online booksellers as well.

We hope you find “POOCH PATHS” of use. If you like it, please post a good review so others know about it, too!

Pet Loss Support Groups in June

ID-100168542Asheville, June 1: A pet loss support group meets at 6 PM on the first Wednesday of each month. Location: Jefferson House, 21 Edwin Place (next to the Unitarian Universalist church), Asheville. Donations accepted. Call (828) 254-6001 for additional information.

Waynesville, June 15: A pet loss support group meets at 6 PM on the third Wednesday of each month. Location: Kimball Counseling, 258 N. Main Street, Suite A, Waynesville. Donations accepted. Registration required. For additional information and to register, call Susan Kimball, LCSW, at (828) 226-7366.

Image: Whittaya Phonsawat,

Got a Puppy? Get Free Weekly "Pupdates" from PetPlace

ID-100226591Puppies require special love and attention. If you own a puppy, especially for the first time, where can you turn for authoritative help and advice?, a website for pet owners, features a helpful Puppy Center where you can learn all sorts of things about your puppy's health, well-being, and behavior. Articles include "How to Teach Your Dog His Name," "How to Choose Safe Puppy Treats," and "Canine Parvovirus: What You Need to Know."

PetPlace also offers a free email Weekly "Pupate" program that follows your puppy through year one with weekly training tips, health insights and more. You can sign up for the Weekly Pupdate here.

Image: Vudhikrai,

There's a (Y)app for That!

ID-100104022Dog lovers and smartphones are a natural pairing, especially when it comes to the increasing number of "yapps" available., an excellent site with over 10,000 vet approved articles, offers their list of the best smartphone apps for dog lovers. Among the top apps are:


  • Bring Fido - a pet travel app that helps you locate dog-friendly places to stay
  • Dog Park Finder Plus - find dog parks anywhere you go, and then rate them
  • Spending on My Dog - helps dog owners keep track of pet expenses by category
  • Pet First Aid - an American Red Cross app that assists with pet medical emergencies
  • Doggy Datez - find other dog lovers in your area.

Check out the entire list of dog lover apps (with links to each one) at

Image: Stuart Miles,

Talk: "What About that Walking Gear?" - North Asheville, Feb. 18

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.22.34 PMA talk titled "What About that Walking Gear?" will be presented as a benefit for Asheville Voice for Animals (AVA). It will cover in depth the different types of walking gear available for dogs, the physical and mental effects of these types of walking gear from a dog's perspective, and what to do to help you and your dog have wonderful bonding walks that do not involve physical and mental degradation.

WHEN: Thursday, February 18th, 2016 at 7 pm

WHERE: Nectar Restaurant, 853 Merrimon Avenue, North Asheville
WHO: Grace Shen of The Collarless Dog and Joanne Ometz of Mindfulness for Dogs will be leading the talk with a Q&A afterwards.

Seating is limited, and tickets for the talk are $10 at the door. Please call Grace to reserve a spot at 828-545-2948.

A delicious, nourishing, and healthy dinner, snacks or drinks can be had at Nectar prior to the talk until 7 pm. Nectar specializes in organic raw and vegan cuisine.

Image provided by Grace Shen


Project Yellow: A Dog Safety Project

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 4.01.48 PMEver see a dog with a yellow ribbon? That's a signal that the dog needs space on walks -- and it helps keeps pets and their people safe.

In support of "Project Yellow," Asheville Humane Society provides free yellow ribbons for dogs who need space on walks. Come visit the store at the Adoption and Education Center at 14 Forever Lane (off of Brevard and Pond Roads, near the WNC Farmers Market) to get a free yellow ribbon for your pup if you need one.

We should always ask permission to pet someone’s dog or to approach a pet we don’t know. For dogs who need space this is especially important. To signal to others to use caution and give your dog space, you can tie a yellow ribbon on your dog’s leash. Dogs who need yellow ribbons may range from deaf dogs who need to be approached a special way to dogs who are leash-reactive and need space around other dogs. 

If you have questions about Project Yellow, call Asheville Humane Society at (828) 761-2001.

Pet First Aid & CPR Class - Asheville, Jan. 23

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.51.31 AMJoin other pet parents and pet professionals from the Asheville area for a pet first aid & CPR training class on Saturday, January 23 from 9:30 AM to 3 PM presented by Pet Tech Pet CPR & First Aid Training. This is the most comprehensive Pet First Aid & CPR training class available. 

In this class, you will learn through lecture and hands-on practice the skills to handle life-threatening situations you may find your pets in.  You will learn:  Pet First Aid, Pet CPR, Rescue Breathing, appropriate muzzling and restraining of a pet in danger, bleeding protocols, about poisoning, snake bites, heat & cold injuries and more. You will receive a training certificate good for 2 years.
Your instructor, Linda Edwards, is the owner of Nana’s Pet Sitting in Charlotte, NC, and a Pet Tech Master Instructor.  Since 2011, Linda has taught the Pet Tech training courses to hundreds of pet owners and pet professionals.
This class will be held in the Education Room of the Asheville Humane Society Adoption Center, 14 Forever Friend Lane, Asheville. The Adoption Center is located off Brevard and Pond Roads near the WNC Farmers Market.
Pre-registration is required. The cost of the class is $80. To register, print, complete, and mail the registration form with your check. Download the form below. If you have questions, please call Maripage Grubic at (828) 216-0161.

Apps to Find "Dog Borrowers" and Dog Sitters

ID-100287658The more you use your smartphone, the more you realize that there are a whole host of apps available related to dog services. We already covered one called VitusVet which helps you maintain your dog's records for easy central access. Now let's look at apps that help connect you with "dog borrowers" and dog sitters.

First, there's Bark 'N' Borrow. This new service is primarily designed to connect dog owners with "dog borrowers" -- people who, for whatever reason, can't own dogs, but they love dogs and want to hang out with them. Unusual, huh? Still, it's a whole new trend, and Bark 'N' Borrow has an app to meet the need. Bark 'N' Borrow also provides a more standard service, connecting dog owners with professional dog sitters and dog walkers.

Speaking of dog sitters, next are two services that have been around a while: Rover and DogVacay. Both of these services, which now offer smartphone apps, are similar: They are designed to connect dog owners with dog sitters in any geographic area. These services are good for local connections, as well as finding sitters when you travel -- and each service also offers income opportunities for people who want to become registered pet sitters. 

Image: Stuart Miles,

ReTail Scene: Free App Shares Your Dog's Medical Records

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.53.50 PMVisits to veterinary emergency clinics tend to increase during the holidays. Many pet parents are well aware of the numerous hazards to their pets during this time of year. Some even prepare emergency kits to make sure they will be covered, should an incident occur. But the makers of VitusVet – the mobile app that allows users to view their pets’ complete medical records at any time – warns pet owners could be missing one of the most vital elements needed during a health crisis. How will you access your pets’ updated medical records and how difficult will they be to obtain during a holiday-related emergency, when most offices are closed for extended periods of time?

The free VitusVet app is currently the only method that allows veterinary offices to share their patients’ entire medical record history with their valuable clients when they need it the most – during an emergency. It is also the only app of its kind that includes a pet owner-facing solution, which also allows the user to invite friends and family to view their pet’s history and offers a search option to find the closest veterinary emergency clinic – both crucial during the holidays when college students may be home from school or people will be traveling with their pets.

“Fifteen million pets went to the ER last year, where there is essentially no after-hours record access. We know that spikes over the holidays, due to pets ingesting people food and other holiday objects, like ornaments, tinsel, and poinsettias,” said Mark Olcott, DVM and co-founder of VitusVet. “We created VitusVet to help pet owners in their greatest time of need and to put an end to preventable tragedies. One key bit of information in a pet’s medical records could mean the difference between life and death and pet owners should be able to access that information whenever they need it.”

You can get this free app here:

6 Unsettling Facts About Dog Waste

Guest Post by Stephanie Chow
Did you know?
  • 72.8 million dogs currently live in the United States
  • 30,000 tons of waste is collectively produced every day
  • That’s 10 million tons of dog waste produced every year!

6factsdogwasteThat’s a lot of dog poop, but what exactly is it doing to our environment?  Let’s look at these 6 Unsettling Facts about Dog Waste…

  1. Dog waste is NOT fertilizer for your lawn.
    In fact, it is just the opposite and can be very toxic to your soil. Due to their high-protein diet, dog waste is highly acidic and will actually burn your grass creating brown patches.
  2. Just one gram of dog waste can contain as many as 23 million fecal coliform bacteria.
    Waste can seep into groundwater and spread salmonella and giardia. This poses a hazard to your pets, your family, and your landscape.
  3. Your lawn mower doesn’t help, in fact can make it worse.
    Mowers will actually chop up the waste into smaller pieces and spread it further throughout your yard where you, your children, and your pets continue to step in it and then bring it into your home.
  4. Dog fecal matter is a major contributor to stormwater pollution.
    One out of three households have at least one dog, and all that dog poop left out can be blown into storm drains, lakes, and streams. When in water, the liquefied waste consumes the oxygen and releases ammonia, which contaminates our resources as well as harms the fish that reside there.
  5. The EPA classified dog waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil.
    The average dog discards approximately three quarters of a pound of waste per day, which adds up to 275 pounds per year. Your yard might be more polluted than you think.
  6.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirms that hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella can be spread by contact with infected dog waste.
    It can take over one year for dog waste to decay, but even when it has visibly disappeared, the parasite eggs it contained can linger on for years in your soil – leaving your family and your pets vulnerable to serious infection.
What you can do
  • Bag it and trash it, always.
  • Difficult to keep up with the mess? Hire a local pet waste removal company to clean your yard on a routine basis.
  • The most responsible thing pet owners can do for their family, community, and environment is to make sure their pets are picked up after.
  • Share this information with friends, family, and neighbors. Let them know the importance of scooping their dog’s poop, and that it’s more than just a smelly eyesore.

Petpooskiddoo_logoStephanie Chow is the founder of a unique type of business in Asheville called Pet Poo Skiddoo, a local pet waste removal company.  Stephanie, a former web designer, now scoops up doggie droppings for a living.   Her mission is to not only keep the town clean, but to educate others about the true hazardous dangers of pet waste and to provide a service that will protect people and animals alike. 

If you are a pet owner in need of some extra help whether it is removing waste from your yard, cleaning out your cat’s litter box, or taking your dog out on a walk for some relief, contact Stephanie at Pet Poo Skiddoo!

Images provided by Pet Poo Skiddoo

ReTail Scene: Lost Dog? There's an App for That

ID-10080879Microchips and ID tags are the best way to prevent your dog from getting lost. If you do lose your dog, follow these helpful tips provided by the ASPCA. Be sure to report your missing pet to your local animal shelter as well.

Not surprisingly, another way to track down your dog is by using your smartphone and a specialized app. Here are some of the apps available to help you:

The ASPCA's mobile app offers you the ability to receive a personalized missing pet recovery kit, including step-by-step instructions on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances. You can also build a lost pet digital flyer that can be shared instantly on your social media channels. The app covers additional emergency situations.

Finding Rover
Finding Rover uses facial recognition technology to scan your dog's face and keep the information on file. If your dog is lost, Finding Rover notifies a large network of organizations and members who snap a photo using the app to see if there's a match.

iPet Alert
Think of iPet Alert as an Amber Alert for dogs. With iPet Alert, you can instantly alert others when your dog goes missing. A message is sent to local area vets and iPet Alert members to be on the lookout for your missing pet. 

With the PetRescuers app by HomeAgain, you can help keep a lookout for lost pets in your area and recently found ones who have been reunited with their families. You can further expand your search beyond posting signs in your neighborhood by sharing lost pet alerts via Facebook, Twitter and email with ease. As a PetRescuer you will have access to articles and resources as well.

Pedigree Found
Pedigree Found is a real-time app currently available in New Zealand, but its availability may be expanded. You take a picture of your dog and then, if your dog goes missing, you use Pedigree Found to send out a free alert to Found members and people in your area using Google's ad network.

Tagg is not just an app, it integrates with a GPS pet tracker that attaches to your dog's collar so you can keep track of your dog. Tagg allows you to define your dog's home base and tells you if your dog wanders off, and it can pinpoint a dog's location anywhere in the U.S.

Image: Africa,

Pet Honoring Ceremony-August 9

ID-10044688The second Sunday of every month, a United Pet Honoring Ceremony is held for pet owners to come together and unite in expressing their love and appreciation for their pets. It is a way to have sacred time to honor our pets and loved ones, our relationship with them, and all they give us.  
People from all over send in names of Pets to be Honored: Cats, Dogs, Horses, Ponies, Rabbits, Birds, Frogs and more. This is a simple ceremony (much like a memorial service). It includes an Opening, Blessing of each pet, Prayer, Silent reflection and Closing. Each pet name is said out loud and sent love and blessings for the highest good.
On Sunday, August 9 at 10 AM, call in and listen: 1-857-232-0159  x329054.
(Please note this is not a toll free number, although there are no charges to call in and listen!)
It is free to add a pet, and free to call in and listen. You can send in a pet's name (picture optional) to be included in the honoring. Send to:
Visit for more information.
Image: Happykanppy,

Pet Honoring Ceremony-July 12

ID-10044688The second Sunday of every month, a United Pet Honoring Ceremony is held for pet owners to come together and unite in expressing their love and appreciation for their pets. It is a way to have sacred time to honor our pets and loved ones, our relationship with them, and all they give us.  
People from all over send in names of Pets to be Honored: Cats, Dogs, Horses, Ponies, Rabbits, Birds, Frogs and more. This is a simple ceremony (much like a memorial service). It includes an Opening, Blessing of each pet, Prayer, Silent reflection and Closing. Each pet name is said out loud and sent love and blessings for the highest good.
On Sunday, July 12 at 10 AM, call in and listen: 1-857-232-0159  x329054.
(Please note this is not a toll free number, although there are no charges to call in and listen!)
It is free to add a pet, and free to call in and listen. You can send in a pet's name (picture optional) to be included in the honoring. Send to:
Visit for more information.
Image: Happykanppy,