Driving Dogs

You've got to see the new Subaru commercials that just started appearing on TV: They feature dogs driving a Subaru Forester! You can watch the ads on National Geographic Channel's "Dog Whisperer Marathon" on February 15, and during the Westiminster Dog Show (Feb. 15 and 16 on the USA cable network.) One of the best of the bunch is included below.

Subaru reports that half of Subaru drivers own a pet, so why not appeal directly to the dog-owning audience? Subaru also has a relationship with the ASPCA, one of several charities the carmaker supported during its "Share the Love" sales event.

Subaru isn't the only auto company that recognizes the power of the pack. Honda offers the Element with a special "dog-friendly package" that includes a rear car kennel, pet bed, stowable ramp, and more. There's even a website that rates dog-friendly cars:


Puppy Bowl VI on Sunday!

Puppybowl Tired of all the Super Bowl hype? Then tune into Puppy Bowl VI instead. This annual "contest" pits rescue puppies against each other in a goofy Super Bowl-style "canine battle." For the first time this year,  the action on the "field" will be captured in panoramic view with aerial coverage provided by the Twizzler’s® blimp and its rogue hamster crew. In another fun first, the sidelines will also be hopping with the addition of spirited bunny rabbit cheerleaders. And wait 'til you see the Kitty Half-time Show.

It's all in good fun and it airs on Animal Planet at 3 PM on Super Bowl Sunday. For more information, visit 

Cesar Millan - A Different Breed

Cesar-millan One of the most compelling and successful personalities in the dog world is Cesar Millan. Known to millions as the star of "The Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel, Millan uses a combination of psychology and calm assertive energy to "fix" even the most outrageous dog behavior problems.

What his fans may not realize, though, is Cesar Millan also gives back a huge amount to the dog welfare community through the Cesar & Illusion Millan Foundation. The foundation sponsors a national spay and neuter public service campaign, as well as numerous programs that directly help animal shelters.

You can subscribe to "Cesar's Way," Cesar's new magazine, through this blog (look for the magazine cover to the right under "Good Buys"). Read more about "Brand Cesar" this week on