Apps to Find "Dog Borrowers" and Dog Sitters

ID-100287658The more you use your smartphone, the more you realize that there are a whole host of apps available related to dog services. We already covered one called VitusVet which helps you maintain your dog's records for easy central access. Now let's look at apps that help connect you with "dog borrowers" and dog sitters.

First, there's Bark 'N' Borrow. This new service is primarily designed to connect dog owners with "dog borrowers" -- people who, for whatever reason, can't own dogs, but they love dogs and want to hang out with them. Unusual, huh? Still, it's a whole new trend, and Bark 'N' Borrow has an app to meet the need. Bark 'N' Borrow also provides a more standard service, connecting dog owners with professional dog sitters and dog walkers.

Speaking of dog sitters, next are two services that have been around a while: Rover and DogVacay. Both of these services, which now offer smartphone apps, are similar: They are designed to connect dog owners with dog sitters in any geographic area. These services are good for local connections, as well as finding sitters when you travel -- and each service also offers income opportunities for people who want to become registered pet sitters. 

Image: Stuart Miles, FreeDigitalPhotos.net